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Flow Measurement Technical Library

What is the Flow Measurement Technical Library?

The Flow Measurement Technical Library is a collection of over 68,000 bibliographic references and downloadable documents related to flow measurement. Anyone can search the library and thousands of documents can be downloaded for free. Initially developed by CEESI in 2007, it was expanded through resources from the Pipeline Research Council International in 2008 and is continually growing. The library includes a variety of flow measurement topics, but is focused on natural gas industry issues.

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Colorado Engineering Experimental Station Inc.

Colorado Engineering Experiment Station Inc.

CEESI initially developed the Flow Measurement Technical Library in order to disseminate information about fluid measurement issues to the measurement community. CEESI has worked with a variety of organizations to add downloadable PDF's and references to the library.

Colorado Engineering Experimental Station Inc.

Pipeline Research Council International

The Pipeline Research Council International, or PRCI has supplied an extensive amount of bibliographic references to the library as a service to the oil and gas industry. A variety of papers are available only for immediate download to PRCI members; members should access this library through the PRCI website in order to unlock the download option on many PDF's.